West County Education Events

One of Social Justice 4 All’s goal is to promote greater understanding of the negative impacts of racism and economic injustice on all members of the community.

Social Justice 4 All formed a collaboration of West County parishes/congregations to facilitate various educational events related to social justice.  The collaboration includes:

  • Ascension Catholic Church
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Holy Infant Catholic Church
  • Incarnate Word Catholic Church
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Valley Park
  • St. Alban Roe Catholic Church
  • St. Anselm Catholic Church
  • St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church of Manchester
  • St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
  • Woodlawn Chapel Presbyterian

Some of the educational topics have included:

  • Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline
    • Dr. Norman White spoke to the audience at St. Joseph Catholic Church regarding the disproportionate number of black children in the St. Louis area that are suspended compared to white children, especially those in grades K-3.
  • Family Matters
    • A panel discussion on the myths, truths, and stereotypes as they relate to the American family held at Ascension Catholic Church
    • Panelists included:  Dr. Christi Griffin (Ethics Project), Ms. Amanda Henry (Principal, La Salle Middle School), Mr. Giovanni Madriz (Program Coordinator, Archdiocese of STL), Ms. Aisha Sultan (Columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • For the Sake of All
    • Presented by Dr. Jason Purnell at St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church
    • Dr. Purnell shared zip code maps of the St. Louis region that depicted segregation and the socio-economic disparity that describes present day St. Louis
    • From this meeting Social Justice 4 All was formed
  • Mapping Decline, St. Louis Black and White
    • Presented by Dr. Paul Patterson at Holy Infant Catholic Church
    • The presentation provided a deeper assessment into the history, laws and regulations, and practices that created present day zip code maps of disparity in St. Louis
  • Mother 2 Mother
    • A conversation with black mothers on raising a black son in our society and their need to have the ‘talk’ with them on what to do when they encounter a police officer was held at St. Alban Roe Catholic Church
    • The conversation was hosted by Dr. Christi Griffin and include 4 passionate and loving mothers
  • Pope’s Encyclical: Ladauto Si
    • Discussion and summary hosted by Franciscan Sisters of Kirkwood at Incarnate Word Catholic Church
    •  Ladauto Si is a worldwide wake up call to help humanity understand the destruction that man is rendering to the environment and his fellow man
  • Public Transportation in St. Louis
    • A presentation by Jessica Mefford-Miller of Bi-State Transporation was held at St. Anselm Catholic Church and facilitated by Deacon Jim Sigillito.  In addition to the presentation, members of the Acts of Kindness Ministry shared what they had learned and experienced while taking a 2 hour bus ride from the city to the county.