Angel Baked Cookies

Angel Baked Cookies began in 2007 as a way for North Grand Neighborhood Services to engage the youth in the neighborhood.  It is an after-school and summer employment project for teens.

Members of Social Justice 4 All (SJ4A) deliver Angel Baked cookies to six Schnucks stores on a weekly basis.  We feel this is a wonderful program for high school children.  They bake the cookies while at the same time learn responsibility and leadership skills.  North Grand Neighborhood Services (NGNS) mentors the children in various disciplines, helping them stay in school and prepare them for the future.

Every ‘Angel’ has graduated from high school.  SJ4A believes education is the key to decreasing the number of folks living in poverty.

Click here for more information on North Grand Neighborhood Services.

We are sorry to announce that North Grand Neighborhood Services is no longer baking cookies due to the lack of funding to sustain operations.  The organization is looking at other alternatives to help better the community that they serve.  Social Justice 4 All will support them in whatever endeavor they should choose.